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For Infinity Exhibitions

For Infinity is comprised of three amazing exhibitions: in the Der Aa-Kerk (Aa-Church), the Groningen Museum and the University Museum. The exhibitions stand alone, but together they tell the grand story about science in Groningen. There is something to do for everyone: for Stadjers (inhabitants of Groningen) and global citizens, for students and PhD's, for the elderly and - not to forget - kids!

- 400 years of science
Exhibition in the Der Aa-kerk, Thursday 10 April to Friday 27 june 2014


- 400 years of student life
Exhibition in the Groninger Museum, Friday 28 February to Sunday 31 August 2014


- Four centuries of art at the University
Exhibition in the University Museum, Thursday 10 April to Friday 27 June 2014


Free museum visit for University staff
During the Pentecost weekend - 7 and 8 June - University staff can pay a free visit to the exhibitions 400 years of Science in the Der Aa-kerk and Four centuries of art at the University in the University Museum.