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Inspirational Thinkers

A series of lectures in cooperation with Studium Generale Groningen
Researchers stand on the shoulders of giants: big, original thinkers who are a rich source of inspiration. Three international top researchers present a new view on big questions, and will be introduced by a colleague from Groningen.  

Bruno Latour on the Complex Relationship between Knowledge and Faith
with an introduction by religious scholar Kocku von Stuckrad
Monday 12 May 2014 | Nieuwe Kerk, Groningen | In English

Abram de Swaan on Mass Murder in the Twentieth Century
with an introduction by sociologist Arie Glebbeek
Tuesday 20 May 2014 | Aletta Jacobshal, Zernike Campus, Groningen

Martin Rees on the Origin and the Future of the Universe
with an introduction by Saleem Zaroubi (in English)
Wednesday 4 June 2014 | Aletta Jacobshal, Zernike Campus, Groningen